Around the Word in 80 Days

A special offering from the HealingStrong organization

An 80-day commitment to reading God's Word out loud

Start Date:  Sunday, May 2nd, 2021 at 8:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM CST  (Open to the public)

HOSTS: HealingStrong Community.  For more information, please email

JOIN IN AND LISTEN (Register here) and options for connecting by phone or zoom will be sent to your email.)

Or, Sign Up to be a Reader:  (Readers please sign on to the Zoom link above 10 min. early for the order of reading.  Each day, the reading picks up from where the readers finished the night before.)

Reader Sign-Up Week 1: (May 2-8) Tarsha, Chris and Hawkins Family, Hosts

Reader Sign-Up Week 2: (May 9-15) Maren Pellegrino, Host

Reader Sign-Up Week 3: (May 16-22)  Doris Ogden and Sandy Frieswick, Hosts

Reader Sign-Up Week 4: (May 23-29) Aruna Venigalla, Host –

Reader Sign-Up Week 5: (May 30-June 5)  Justine Gordon, Host –

Reader Sign-Up Week 6: (June 6-June 12)  Jeneen Hammond, Host  –

Reader Sign-Up Week 7: (June 13-June 19) Kimberle Michem, Host –

Reader Sign-Up Week 8: (June 20-June 26) Denise Giovinazzo, Host –

Reader Sign-Up Week 9: (June 27-July 3) Nicole Jacobs, Host – 

Reader Sign-Up Week 10: (July 4-July 10) Angelica Pascual, Host –

Reader Sign-Up Week 11: (July 11-July 17)  Jeff and Suzy Griswold, Hosts –

Reader Sign-Up Week 12: (July 18-24) Chris and Tarsha – Hawkins Family, Hosts –

Join this new reading that starts May 2, 2021 at 8:00 PM EST with couple Tarsha and Chris, and the Hawkins children as they provide oversight to the reading that will continue through July 21, 2021.  Throughout this time, there will be new hosts each week who will meet the readers and listeners to continue the readings.  JOIN US.  Sign up as a reader (see each week sign-up above), or just listen in.  SHARE with your friends and family and join this special community.

         This is some of our folks from our final day of our last Around the Word in 80 Days. 04/22/21

80 Days / 80 Hours to read from Genesis to Revelation

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Countries joined together: United States, Canada, Equador, Portugal, Africa, United Kingdom, Italy, and India

We hope and pray this initiative will continue to encourage people to read the entire Bible together, outloud, in a period of time (80 days) that encourages a better understanding of how it all fits together for His glory and His purposes. Our hope and prayer is that we can help others to start their very own Around the Word in 80 Days bible reading, inviting their friends and family to join in daily with a commitment of 80 days. Your days will be ordered around it and YOU WILL get through and be forever changed.  All you need is a Bible and a desire to have others join you in reading the Word of God outloud.  We provide you with instructions to use a sign-up tool, daily email reminders, and an actual video reading of one night of readings.

For more information or to contact the organizers, please go to: or email

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