Around the Word in 80 Days

Join together with others from all around the world reading the Word of God together everyday for 80 days. It is life-changing.


Around the Word in 80 Days is simply a group Bible Reading from Genesis to Revelation in 80 Days.  We join together every day or night for 80 days and read together.  These are online groups, and you can sign on a few minutes early to be a reader, or just listen in from the convenience of our own home.  

Below is a wonderful short video testimony from one of the readers, Sandy, a stage 3 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma thriver.  Around the Word in 80 Days has had a tremendous impact in her own life because of the power of God’s Word, and we have witnessed personal encounters with God – depression lifted, relationships restored, soul wounds released, and physical needs met.

These readings have continued consecutively since August 1, 2020.  On September 4, 2022, we will start our 8th TIME Around the Word in 80 Days!  Get the Zoom link and details here. ALL are welcome.  If you would like to START YOUR OWN Around the Word in 80 Days with your family, church group, workplace, or friends, we are here to help you in anyway.  Email us at:

" Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation, to teaching."
- 1 Timothy 4:13

During Around the Word in 80 Days, assigned readers will read for one hour a day or evening starting at Genesis 1:1 and continue daily for 80 days, or until the Bible is finished in Revelation 22:21. This is a Bible reading, not a Bible study.  The reading days are consecutive, with folks joining together on Zoom from their home, hospital bed, workplace, car, or wherever they may be at that time.  Come as you are! Prayer is offered at beginning and end of each reading.

Each night, readings start right where it was left off the night before, and the readers are assigned an order of reading (not passages). Readers read from one of these favorite versions of the Bible (NIV, NIVR, ESV, NLT, NASB, CEV, NET, NKJV, or KJV).. Joined by people all around the world, all time zones, and all levels of Bible reading experience, this Around the Word in 80 Days has been transformational, healing and life-giving to everyone involved.  Read the testimonies below. 

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80 Days / 80 Hours to read from Genesis to Revelation

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Countries joined together thus far: United States, Canada, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Equador, Portugal, Africa, United Kingdom, Italy, and India

"Until I come, give your time and effort to the public reading of the Scriptures and to preaching and teaching."
- Timothy 4:13

We hope and pray this initiative will continue to encourage people to read the entire Bible together, outloud, in a period of time that encourages a better understanding of how it all fits together for His glory and His purposes. READ THE testimonies below. Want to start your own?  We provide you with instructions to use a sign-up tool, daily email reminders, and an actual video reading of one night of readings.

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